Proyecto Doggy Talky aplicación móvil Android y iPhone

Doggy Talky


Chat, Geolocation, Push Notifications

Project description

Doggy Talky was created out of a desire to create a community where dog owners and dog lovers can meet, communicate and share their experiences and concerns. To do this, at Doonamis we developed a mobile application to discover the other users closest to your dog’s position. The user can access the page of each dog (name, breed, distance, interests, photo) and chat with their fellow owner. Besides, there is the option of using geographic canine services such as kennels, hotels, dog-friendly restaurants, vets, associations, etc.

iPhone and Android Application

Doonamis developed an application for iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the application is native, firstly to offer a better user experience, and secondly to ensure the good functioning of the chat features. Native features like geolocation, GPS positioning transmission and push notifications are also used.

Chat Server

A server platform has been developed to allow free exchange of secure messages between system users, which provides a means of communication in real time with no data loss. For this purpose, design patterns that allow for system scalability have been used in the system architecture and the source code, ensuring good performance and efficiency at all times.

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