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Project description

Endo is a mobile application developed by Doonamis for Nordic Pharma to allow surgeons to attend surgical procedures via videoconference and be able to communicate with operating room physicians.

Now interventions can be supervised or followed by other surgeons without the need to be present during the operation, since they can follow it from the screens of their mobile phones and send messages or speak through the microphone when appropriate.  


  • Wall of sector news, with possibility to comment on them.
  • Videoconference in streaming of events that take place in the sector, being able to attend virtually from the smartphone.
  • Streaming of the image of the Laparoscopy tower of the operating room, for those operations in which one has been invited to attend. 


iPhone and Android app

Doonamis has developed two applications for the iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the application is native, since videoconferencing technology requires key mobile resources (speaker, camera, communications, etc.).


Web Application

Endo also has a web version of the application to be able to access it from a computer.

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