Project description

YoLeoGas is an app that allows Naturgy users to send in their gas meter reading by taking a picture.

In order to make the task easier for the user, automate the process and guarantee the reliability of the readings, different subsystems have been implemented to help capture and recognize the reading and the meter serial number. These modules include:

  • Real Time Video Quality Analysis Module: Allows the user to be informed if the image framed corresponds to a meter and has a minimum quality. To do this, it analyses in real time that the image corresponds to a meter and has a minimum contrast.
  • OCR Quality Analysis Module: Once the photo is taken in the mobile phone, to apply a character recognition algorithm to recognize the reading and serial number of the meter. If it recognizes a minimum of digits in both, it allows the image to be sent to the server, otherwise it asks the user to take a new capture.
  • OCR Recognition On Server Module: Once the photo is delivered to the server, it is analysed with a more sophisticated algorithm that allows, among other things, to correct the perspective of the photo by means of homography, correct the contrast and exposure, and apply a more efficient OCR recognition algorithm


App iPhone and Android

Doonamis has developed two applications for iPhone and Android systems. In both cases the implementation is native, since the user experience is essential.

The application allows the user to create a meter for each home linked to the unique CUPS supply point number. Once the house is created, the user can send photos every time the application asks for it by sending a personalized Push Notification when the billing cycle has been completed.

Users remain informed of the processing status of the reading they send, informing them if it has already been taken into account for their next billing.



The system has a management back office so those readings that are not automatically processed can be managed. For this purpose, those readings that have not exceeded the confidence threshold of more than 99% are displayed in this portal for manual review by an operator.

The objective pursued through the management in the back office portal is that the readings rejected by visibility issues should be minimal or none.

All this is integrated with Naturgy‘s invoicing systems, also providing the information of the photo taken as proof of the reading that has been invoiced.


In the cloud with Microsoft Azure

In order to ensure the availability and scalability of the solution, the platform is deployed on Microsoft Azure. It offers agile deployment with total security and high performance. It adapts to high processing loads through service replication. The best option for far-reaching projects.

Microsoft Azure

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